Orange – Sales Performance Motivation

The SERA program was created to recognise, award and celebrate the success of Orange’s Top Sales Performers. The SERA Program, which stands for “Sales Excellence Recognition & Awards” Program, is an initiative of the Group Sales and Customer Experience (GS&CE) / Orange Retail team, to foster Excellence in sales and customer service and drive the success of Orange’s Retail Channels across a footprint of 9 countries in Europe.

“Why SERA? The goal of the Program is first to identify the Top Sales Performers across Orange’s operations and secondly recognise and award the wonderful work done by Orange’s sales people servicing customers in Orange’s retail stores and franchise shops across the region.”
Mark Imhoff, Retail Channel Director, Orange GS&CE

“Sales Performance Motivation is all about keeping your team at the Top.
And isn’t that where you want them to be all the time?”
David Ednie, President & CEO, SalesChannel Europe

According to a recent study conducted by German brand and retail experts (Gruppe Nymphenburg), more than 50% of all purchasing decisions are spontaneously taken by shoppers at the point of sales. In a highly competitive market, with customer centric offers and a lot of innovative products being launch in the market almost every day, sales effectiveness – the famous “last meter” is what ultimately makes the difference by helping customers to find and buy the best offers matching their specific usage requirements.

“The SERA program has been designed to drive our sales effectiveness from
good to great and help create a real and unique customer experience.”
Marc Imhoff, Retail Channel Director, Orange GS&CE

*The SERA Program (Sales Excellence Recognition and Awards) was jointly developed by SalesChannel Europe and Orange GS&CE.

Client Recommendation:
“David and I worked in close collaboration to deliver a company wide Sales
Excellence Program under a very tight deadline. He was quick to understand
the complexity of the challenge and was instrumental in helping us create
a Program that was embraced by multiple country operations. David brought
his energy, ideas and structure to the Program resulting in immediate and
universal support from the field. He is inspiring, has a unique ability to
connect with people and tap into their emotional drivers, works smart and
fast as hell, and knows how to think outside the box to get around little
and big road blocks. It was a great experience and I learnt a lot working
together with David and would welcome the chance to get to work with him
again on a next joint project.”
Marc Imhoff, Retail Channel Director, Orange GS&CE