Microsoft – SaaS Sales Acceleration 2.0

Microsoft is looking to the decade a head and that means Cloud computing, and SaaS. Clearly this is where the future lies and Microsoft has every intention of being a leader in this market space with Azure and the Dynamic Data Center amongst other S+S Services. To succeed in this new Cloud based computing world SalesChannel Europe is helping Microsoft’s Partner eco-system to successfully navigate these changes and align their Sales and Marketing messaging and Value Propositions around new and emerging buyer persons. SaaS Sales Acceleration 2.0 is all about re-thinking the rules of the game. What worked yesterday almost certainly won’t work tomorrow. We are witnessing fundamental change, which includes Web 2.0 Marketing, the shift from the Sales Cycle to the Buyer Decision Process and the irreversible rise in the importance of social media and recommendation marketing. SaaS Sales Acceleration 2.0 is a 2 day Strategic Workshop that is designed to help participants to answer the 7 Killer Got-to-Market questions:

  1. What problem(s) do you solve?
  2. Who do you solve the problem for?
  3. Why does the problem need to be solved?
  4. How do you solve them?
  5. What sets you apart?
  6. How and why do your prospects make buying decisions?
  7. What is holding them back?

Client Recommendations:

“David has been working with my organization in numerous consultancy
engagements for Microsoft as well as for our partners. Partner feedback
has been consistently great as they appreciate David’s experience and
style of facilitation to generate valuable results. David has also
consulted my organization directly and I have been extremely pleased with
the results. David works extremely professional, trustworthy and I
appreciate his high level of integrity.
– Michael Korbacher, Director Web
and Application Hosting EMEA, Microsoft Corporation

“I’ve known David for the last 9 years and worked with him in two
companies (so far), participated in his workshops (you never just
listen!), been animated by his conferences and learned a lot from him
about connecting with people. David’s willingness to share and
communicate, his positive attitude, hard work, professionalism, instinct
and enthusiasm are all great assets.”
– Rob Steggles, Marketing Director Europe, NTT Europe

“David Ednie is a truly inspirational speaker, a superb facilitator of
workshops and seminars as well as possessing a wide breadth of industry
knowledge. I would recommend him and his organisation to anyone.”
– Paul
Doherty, Sales & Marketing Manager, 7 Global