Bombardier – Leadership Execution

One of the key leadership challenges of our time is liberating the collective intelligence that resides across the organisation. Releasing our organisations’ untapped potential and discretionary effort is something that every President, CEO, COO, Business Unit and Team Leader understandably wants more of. Everyone wants greater levels of performance, but how do you get it? One answer is to bringing together your top teams from multiple countries operations and get them working on the problem. The goal is to get people to meet and connect with each other and create meaningful exchanges of ideas and knowledge. What is an emerging problem in one country or region has often already been solved by colleagues working in another. Being able to pinpoint and direct this information, knowledge, expertise and experience to where it is needed, when it is needed is the art of effective Leadership. Much more than team building this type of Leadership Conference is the foundation of building a sustainable corporate response capability and an ongoing performance culture. Working directly with the President and the Senior Leadership Team of the Services Division we ran a series of Top Team Conferences designed to facilitate top team execution and company wide performance.

Presidents bi-annual Top Team Conference 90 people – Berlin, Germany
European Project and Bid Management Conference 70 people – Berlin, Germany
Sales Conference 75 people – Berlin, Germany

“Execution is the discipline of getting things done. The ability to
execute is what separates good from great companies in today’s
increasingly complex and competitive business environment. Our job as
business leaders is to help our people to execute and reach new levels of
performance. Creating a ‘Culture of Excellence’ is the key to enabling
personal performance and a sustainable competitive advantage.”
– David Ednie, President & CEO, SalesChannel Europe