The Team

SalesChannel Europe engages with clients using “The Hollywood Model.” The Hollywood Model allows me to work with the most competent and skilled people in the world in their area of specialisation. I particularly enjoy working with highly talented and creative individuals who bring complementary skills and expertise to client engagements. For example, when I work with larger and diverse groups of senior managers and I want to help the group move towards a series of structured and actionable outcomes I think of Tom Russell. Tom is a high respected Graphic Facilitator at Meeting Magic. I have two overarching beliefs when I work with groups: The answer is in the room and Success is a team sport.

Collaboration, innovation and co-creation are all high participative activities. The challenge is getting people to clarify and crystallise their ideas and then openly share and discuss them with their colleagues. These co-facilitated interactive workshops allows all participants to share their ideas with the group, to interact with and develop each idea further. Graphic facilitation allows everyone to interact more effectively and allows everyone to see, in real time as they emerge, the collective outcomes and outputs of the group.